1. Retro science fiction art about books.

  2. Island of Dr. Moreau, 1964 // Paul Lehr

    (Source: translucentmind)

  3. totalement70:

    Paul Lehr - Counter-Clock World, 1974.

  4. martinlkennedy:

    Firestorm by Paul Lehr

  6. Al Feldstein

    via Myriac Acia

  7. Chris Foss

  8. science70:

    Harry Harrison, The Stainless Steel Rat (Sphere Books edition, 1973).


  9. HBO Signs Anthony Hopkins to ‘Westworld’ Series - Hidden Remote


    HBO Signs Anthony Hopkins to ‘Westworld’ Series
    Hidden Remote
    Westworld, Michael Crichton’s vision of an adult theme park manned by robots, is one of the great science fiction movies of the 1970s. Even with the special effects of the day, the movie still manages to hold up. Yul Brenner’s portrayal of a robot sheriff with a …

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  10. spacequest:

    Terror Birds - Chris Achilleos is an artist and illustrator. He has created some of the best-loved fantasy and glamour art of the past fourty years and his work has been collected in four art books: “Amazona”, “Medusa”, “Sirens" and "Beauty and the Beast”.

  11. Lion Annual, 1969

  12. rogerwilkerson:

    Underwater City, art by Klaus Burgle

  13. futurnow:

    L.A. 2013

  14. 60s70sand80s:

    Popular Science, July 1973

  15. ghosts-in-the-tv:

    Detroit Science Center, (1979)

    (Source: Flickr / jerjae)