1. HR Giger Alien concept art.

  2. Tonu Kanamori

  3. martinlkennedy:

    Untitled by Nick Hyde (1970). From the book Visions (1975, published by Pomegranate).

  4. Vincent Di Fate

  5. zackarooo:


    Charles Vess, 1982. From Epic Comic-Art #8.

    [hauk sven]

    It’s been a long time since my german got any use so this isn’t going to be stellar, but these panels deserved even a poor translation (I mean I’m no xiuho) that I’ll gear more towards the feeling evoked than as literal a telling as possible.

    Panel One

    The Moon hangs heavy and naked in the eastern sky(heavens).. and throws his cold, unreal iridescent light over the valley. No rotten smell of daffodils, no sick song of birds spoils the beautiful evening. 

    Panel Two

    Blowing, rolling fog… in the ritual of the spring, and brought with it decay, devastation and death…

    Panel Three

    … erasing forever these lush, cancerous, creeping flowers and the warm sunshine, that falls in this perfect valley, on this perfect world…

  6. sciencefictiongallery:

    Paul Lehr - The Embedding, 1973.

    (via rollership)

  7. Bruce Pennington

  8. 70sscifiart:

    Sci-fi zombies.

  9. 70sscifiart:

    Space vampires.

  10. 70sscifiart:

    Sci-fi werewolves.

  11. 70sscifiart:

    Space Witches

  12. 70sscifiart:

    Ghostly sci-fi and fantasy from my archives.

  13. xenophone:


    paperback cover art by Darrel K. Sweet for The Godwhale (1974) by T. J. Bass

    (via artsytoad)

  14. sciencefictiongallery:

    R.C. Ellis - Untitled, 1974.

  15. sciencefictiongallery:

    Richard Powers - He Owned the World, 1961.

    That guy doesn’t appreciate the world like I would.